daring to be different

As a leading funding source for lottery winners, NuPoint has the ability to be different.  We’re not influenced by corporate executives, stock prices, shareholders or a board of directors.  The constraints which bind other companies do not determine the decisions made by NuPoint.  For that reason, we’re able to leverage that freedom to provide our customers with top-notch education tools, enhanced funding options, more flexibility and faster results.

Boasting over 40 plus years of combined hands-on industry experience, our principals are committed to ensuring NuPoint provides top-notch service to all customers.  Our experience has shown that we must be responsive and flexible to perform in ways our customers would never dream of.  Although the competition is sometimes able to reach similar contract terms, they fall short in delivering the quality customer care and comprehensive service which Nupoint consistently provides.

Our primary focus on lottery winners gives NuPoint an in-depth level of understanding of the special needs and circumstances of the lottery winner — allowing us to provide an elite level of service while innovating new and effective means with which to provide sources of funds for those in need.