Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading organization boasting decades of combined experience, the subject matter and terminology of our industry has become second nature to us.  That said, we understand that this content can be confusing, and at times overwhelming to customers.  For that reason, we placed the most common questions below. Feel free to browse the FAQs below to common questions.

If there’s a specific question you’d like answered, contact us and we’ll be happy to provide education and guidance.

How can NuPoint help me?

Structured settlements and lotteries are governed by specific state statutes. That’s why your local bank will not provide a loan against it. NuPoint understands the roadmap your state provides for you to get some money now.

Why should I choose NuPoint?

NuPoint is unique in that we offer customers more options, faster results, and greater flexibility. Our principals have more than 25 years combined hands-on experience in the industry. Moreover, we focus on solid transactions, transparency and our relationships with customers.

Is NuPoint reliable?

Yes! NuPoint is accredited and rates an A+ from the Better Business Bureau.

How do I get a lump sum from annual lottery payments or a structured settlement?

When you choose annual payments from the lottery or are awarded a structured settlement, you get a set amount of money at predetermined intervals over an agreed to number of years. However, many people in your position find that after taxes, inflation, and normal life events, these payments are not enough to cover expenses and that turning these payments into a lump sum of cash would be more beneficial.

NuPoint can purchase part or all of your annual lottery payments or structured settlement and give you the cash that you need now.

How long does it take to get my money?

In most cases, we will complete your transaction in roughly 60 days. Every transaction is different. By promptly sending and returning the documents we require, you could complete your transaction much sooner.

Can I get money sooner?

Absolutely! In most cases, we are happy to provide some immediate cash after we begin the process.

How much does it cost me?

There are no out-of-pocket fees charged to you to get started. There are also no fees charged at closing to complete your transaction. NuPoint pays all the fees charged for the complete court process.

What is a court order process?

Whether it’s a lottery or a structured settlement, most states have laws that allow you to sell your asset pursuant to a court proceeding. NuPoint takes the lead in this process and pays the fees associated with it.

How much money can I get?

We can get you what you want. You even have the ability to keep money coming in over time and get the money for any “NuPoint” you are ready for in your life.

How do I start?

Simply give us a call at 877-635-3150. We’re happy to answer any questions or discuss any ideas you have.